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All about Keplers

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Location :
Skaro City, Skaro. Yes, I revealed my city of town. Get over it. Not even a real location.
Job/hobbies :
Exterminating. Try it, it's real addictive.
Humor :
Once, a guy named Tim Elord from Gallifrey wandered randomly onto Skaro in this box. We exterminated him. It'z funny cuz da Doktor diez. Ha ha ha laugh foolz.
About Me :
I am Keplers! Most liked all-time in the BIONICLE Forum, joined in January 2006, beta tested MLN, and all-around awesome guy. I am a proud, conservative American and I am pretty much not going to say anything else.

Favorite Quote :
"But not in the name of the Doctor." - The Eleventh Doctor

"Inconceivable!" - the Sicilian that we all have inside

"May the Force be with you, always." - Obi-Wan Kenobi

"Not luck. It's what you do that makes you a hero." - Kopaka

EX-TERM-IN-ATE! - Daleks
Best Friend :
No real names? Then no real best friends. Sorry, pal.
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